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Camille skincare

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Camille is a young Italian brand, founded in 2012, with the goal of distributing alternative cosmetics products, already affirmed in the international market, in Italy. Their range started with Camille Snail, following the discoveries on the benefits of the application of snail slime extracts on the skin. The range has later been enhanced with the introduction of Camille Bee and Camille Venom, both following the core mission to offer quality product in a sector where too often marketing overtakes the product itself.

In the next paragraphs you  can find more details about the different products and the benefits that these natural ingredients can bring you.

Furthermore it is worth reminding that all the Camille products are paraben free.




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Bee Venom

What do you know of the properties of bee venom?

It  is important to talk about the benefits of bee venom, because studies have shown that help to cure some diseases.

In fact, one of the main components of Camille Bee is the Melitina, an amino acid with known anti-inflammatory properties that stimulates the adrenal glands to release cortisol, which lowers levels of stress and pain of diseases such as lumbago, rheumatism, arthritis, etc..

In addition Melitina, an ingrdient present in the cream Camille Bee allows you to:

– Trigger a reaction in the skin can increase the blood flow.
– Increase the production of collagen.
– Increase the production of elastin.

The product also has a beneficial effect on people with sensitive skin thanks to its composition, which has relaxing properties, moisturizing and revitalizing properties and is ideal for the treatment of wrinkles




Snail slime

Do you know the properties of snail slime ?

Many years ago, doctors specialized in wound healing used to recommend their patients to apply the snails on their wounds. The snail had in fact a surprising curative effect .
In facts snails secrete their fluid to protect themself from damage caused by their movements, and so their cells regenerate automatically .

The properties of the snail are many, and their simultaneous action on our skin makes Camille snail a unique cream.

Hydration (water reserve) – thanks to the mucopolysaccharides
Healing power (useful in the treatment of irritation of shaving ) – thanks to the combined effect of allantoin, collagen, vitamins
Soothing effect (useful for redness due to sun or extreme cold) – thanks to ‘ allantoin combined with mucopolysaccharides and proteins
Nutritional and rejuvenating – thanks in proteins and vitamins
Anti-wrinkle effectiveness (by stimulating the synthesis of collagen native) – due glycolic acid combined with collagen, elastin , vitamins and mucopolysaccharides
Effectiveness of anti-stretch mark – thanks to the exfoliating of  glycolic acid and regenerating the protein and vitamins
Effectiveness against acne marks, blemishes and scars – thanks to the power exfoliating, soothing, purifying and anti – oiliness of glycolic acid , mediated soothing effect of the other components.

And differently from other creams made from snail, snail Camille does not contain parabens.





Camille venom represents a revolution in the anti-age sector.

Camille Venom is a cream enriched with SYN-®AKE, Brazilian viper’s syntetic reproduction, and PEPHA@-TIGHT, “Nannochloropsis oculata” micro-algae’s extract.

The efficacy of SYN®-AKE, is demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo.

PEPHA®-TIGHT, is a micro-algae’s extract (Nannochloropsis oculata) producted by biotechnologies, has an immediate lifting effect and protects the skin in a long-term period.

It is also stimulating for the production of collagen.


  • Intensive anti-wrinkle cream.
  • Reduction of expression wrinkles (52% in 28 days).
  • Anti-age effect.
  • Protects the skin against free radicals.
  • Protects against oxidative stress.


  • Hidden in this technique (use of stem cells) is the subject of immortality, since it makes it possible to discover all the mechanisms necessary to renew a cell taking it back from the age of 50 to zero years.
    University of Milano - Bicocca

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