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Is cosmetic surgery the only possibility against cutaneous ageing?

Even if today surgical techniques made rapid progress, a lifting is always a bloody intervention with consequent incisions and sutures of the epidermis, with evident risks and sometimes unpleasant consequences.

The target of CODIGEN Swiss Laboratories, was, through a new approach to esthetic problems, to prevent and remove signs of cutaneous ageing only through cosmetic treatments, which act on several levels of epidermis stratum, to avoid esthetic surgery.

CODIGEN treatments are then the results of in-depth researches about mechanisms which act inside the epidermis cells, their DNA activity and genetic code and several messages which start from these to regulate cutaneous metabolism. These studies allowed the realization of innovative technologies and formulas which represent today the last step of the evolution of anti-ageing treatments, for a contemporary structural improvement inside the skin and an immediate and evident lifting effect of face skin, without invasive intervention.

The active principles used, of new generation and exclusively of plant origin, are then all studied to achieve this aim, fill wrinkles and expressions marks, stretch and lift tracts, help lifting up again tissues, re-establish volumes.

Their action takes place on numerous ways

Recovery of cutaneous defences, against external ageing agents

Restructuring of deep cells, thanks cell therapy

Recompacting of the oval face to obtain the end effect

Prevention of cell oxidative stress and elimination of harmful free radicals

Immediate and evident cosmetic lifting

Firming and rehydration of epidermis

Restructuring intervention of cell matrix, where the deepest wrinkles form

Formation of new collagen, elastin and fibroblasts

Relaxion of wrinkles and expression marks due to facial mimic


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