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Mario de Luigi makeup


Mario De Luigi is much more than a make-up artist, he is one of the most esteemed Italian Beauty Designers in the world, creator of several lines for international cosmetic brands.

He is recognized as BEAUTY ARCHITECT and is the Trend Instructor at the ACADEMIA MILANO, an international institute that offers highly specialized professional training for make-up artists, hair stylists and image consultants.


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 The Line

A highly technical short line (under 70 references) that is concentrated on the face area.
A true professional line that gen erates the consumers’ fidelity.


Moisturizes even the driest skins (actives: Lauroil Lysine, Aqualance)


Prevents the signs of time (actives: Regestril, Sericin, Hyaluronic acid)


Purifies and opacifies the skin (actives: Salicylic acid, Nylon-12)


Restores skin freshness (actives: Linefactor, Dermaxyl)


Protects even the most sensitive skins (actives: Vanirea, Calendula extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate)


Efficacious colours


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This range of products offers a unique feature; it contains AQUALYS, the innovative system of active ingredients
that produce and maintain the correct level of hydration for your skin the entire time they are applied.
They ensure perfect hydration for all skin types, especially those with a tendency toward dryness.
In vivo tests performed on the products showed that the level of hydration increased and was maintained hour
after hour, guaranteeing soft skin and an even colour until the product was removed.





Make yourself beautiful and prevent the signs of ageing all in one:
this is the promise made by the SEREFILL compound of active ingredients, which acts to disguise any unevenness caused by early
lines and the signs of tiredness, ensuring consistent, even coverage and flawlessly smooth skin.
SEREFILL is particularly suitable for preventing and correcting those first lines.
In vitro and in vivo tests performed on the products showed an evident increase of skin tone through the stimulation
of fibronectin (+91%) and collagen (+102%) synthesis.





LINEXYL is the perfect make-up and treatment combo. The compound of active ingredients is designed to rejuvenate tired
skin. The powerful anti-wrinkle action combines with the action of retexturing peptides that help to reduce every sign of
ageing. Ideal for all skin types, it is particularly suitable for the skins needing an elasticizing and filling action.
The tests performed on this compound of actives showed visible improvement of the skin structure (up to 100%)
and of its soupleness (up to 25%), as well as a considerable reduction of wrinkle depth (up to 36%).





SALYNIL is a concept developed especially for combination skins: shiny and often oily skins seen in women of all ages
that need to be treated with specific products enriched with sebum regulators. This complex ensures a constant care
and opaqueness. Dry textures were studied to rebalance the epidermal surface and make it even, soft and velvety.
The functionality tests performed on most of the active ingredients used in the Salynil line have shown an evident
reduction in sebum on the skin surface and that levels have normalized during the day.





The use of natural and ipoallergenic products is fundamental in case of sensitive skins. VANILYS is a compound of
active ingredients offering a real beauty treatment designed for more sensitive skins. A must-have for every woman
who wants the well-being of a healthy skin.
These formulas are preservative-, fragrance- and paraben free, which make this line a true friend for the skin.
Delicate on a sensitive skin, the products are suitable for normal skin or skin types with a tendency toward dryness.






The elements defining make-up are colour, line and shade. ELEMENTYS is a range of products that brings you the quick
and easy way to maximise and personalise your make-up. An outstanding line that offers new solutions season
after season with fresh colours and products.



  • Hidden in this technique (use of stem cells) is the subject of immortality, since it makes it possible to discover all the mechanisms necessary to renew a cell taking it back from the age of 50 to zero years.
    University of Milano - Bicocca